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All people should have the opportunity to live in their own home regardless of their level of need or disability. This is achieved through Supported Living. This describes individual packages of care which are provided to people living in their own homes, living either on their own or with other people of their choice. Supported Living is not a prescriptive model of service design and can look very different for different people. For one person it may be a few hours support a week to live alone in a rented flat, for another it may be round the clock support to live in a home they own, and for others it may be a shared house with friends and support to meet individual needs.

The key to it being supported living is how much choice and control the person has over their home and life rather than what the service looks like. Unlike residential care people in supported living receive their full benefit entitlement and do not have to endure institutional rules and regimes.

Real PCS can help people to secure high quality accommodation & we will support people to set up and maintain tenancies if needed.