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Specialising in home care services & people with disabilities

Providing a REAL Person Centered Service

Real PCS was established by Sarah-Marie Smith and Jo Carr to provide a REAL Person Centered Service as a refreshing alternative to the increasing money motivated Corporate takeover of the care industry. Real PCS is a genuine local business, not a franchise or subsidiary.

As directors of Real PCS we are committed to ensuring that people receive a safe & reliable service which always puts people first. Individual choice & control will never be compromised in the name of corporate or shareholder priorities. We know the people we support and routinely work ‘hands on’ alongside the wider staff team.


Our team of carers are trained and competent to undertake personal care necessities, helping with tasks related to getting up in the morning, washing, bathing, dressing, taking medication, going to the toilet, going to bed at night and many other daily activities with which may require assistance and support.

Meal Preparation

Support workers can prepare breakfast, mid-day meal, evening meal or supper and any other snacks and drinks that are required during the day.  Support workers will also be able to spend time with service users to provide companionship during mealtimes.

Personal Activities

Support workers can help with personal activities such as preparing shopping lists/doing the shopping, helping to manage personal affairs such as health appointments, birthdays and other anniversaries.  Support workers can also support to maintain social activities of your choice or simply provide company and conversation.

Domestic & Household Services

Support workers will be able to support you with tasks and responsibilities necessary to maintain your home/tenancy/living arrangements. They can support you with light domestic duties such as vacuuming, dusting, general cleaning, washing up and personal laundry or do this on your behalf if necessary.

Specialised Care

Where specific care needs are identified, maybe relating to a health care issue, we will ensure that support workers have the necessary specialist skills. We will work collaboratively with others involved in the persons care, such as GP, dietician, or psychiatrist.

Levels of Support

We can provide help and support at any level of 1 hour a day or above. We can provide several visits a day or arrange staff to provide constant support all day, every day.  Support levels can vary in line with changing needs. Extra support may be necessary if people are unwell or returning home after a hospital admission.

Care at Night (Sleep Night)

We can provide you a service that ensures that people are not at risk during the night.  We do ask that a bed is provided for the Support worker. This again could be during times of illness or ongoing for people that need the security of this as a long term measure. This service can be combined with other visits throughout the day if required.

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Our Services

In Home Care

We offer specialist in home care for young and elderly people. Our staff are highly trained, qualified and experienced in providing special care and support, and on hand to guide you though the in home care services we have available.

Our Services

Domiciliary Care

With domiciliary care, you or your loved one can continue to stay in the place you feel most comfortable - at home. We provide ongoing support that’s completely built around your needs and routines.

Our Services

Dementia Care

We offer specialist care for people who have dementia. Our staff are highly trained, qualified and experienced in providing special dementia care and support.

We have hand picked our staff for their knowledge, skills, caring attitudes and their experience in providing person centred care. Real PCS have introduced a Dementia Champion accreditation to qualifying carers and Managers who have completed the neccesary training to deliver quality support and care.